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About Us

Audrey Magazine pairs thoughtful, heartfelt and informative writing with a bespoke collection of stimulating crosswords and puzzles.

Published bi-monthly, each issue is organised around a thought-provoking theme. Our editorial content falls into four broad categories: Community, Creativity, Wellbeing and Experience. We are proud to regularly feature outstanding writing by celebrated and emerging Australian and international writers. Among our recent contributors are Susan Johnson, Julienne van Loon, Katerina Cosgrove, Robyn Ferrell, Jaclyn Crupi, Léa Antigny, Vanessa Smith and Lisa Morrow.

Along with hours of contemplative puzzling, each issue of Audrey offers its readers a window onto the world of literature, art and ideas; a sophisticated and mature perspective on contemporary social issues; and inspiration and encouragement to lead a more thoughtful, meaningful life. Each issue contains a mixture of feature articles, interviews, essays, recipes, travel writing and book reviews. We also give our readers the chance to win from a carefully curated selection of prizes by solving our puzzles.

What our readers say

I only discovered Audrey about six months ago and now I’m hooked. It is a treat to make a cup of tea and find a quiet spot to read or do a puzzle. It’s refreshing to have a magazine that has diverse, interesting, thought-provoking content.

- Paula B.

Every issue is filled with inspiration and ideas. This is a magazine that makes you think—about yourself and the world around you.

- Angelique R.

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