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Published bi-monthly, Audrey Magazine offers its readers a window onto the world of literature, art and ideas; a sophisticated and mature perspective on contemporary social issues; and inspiration and encouragement to lead a more thoughtful, meaningful life. We welcome pitches for feature articles, essays, interviews, fiction, poetry or other content types that support this offering, especially in creative and unexpected ways.

Each issue is organised around a thought-provoking theme and our editorial content falls into four broad categories: Community, Creativity, Wellbeing and Experience.  We will be most excited about proposals that fit these categories and while also offering a timely, substantial, interesting message to our readers. Broadly speaking, though we’re not daunted by dealing with serious issues, we are most interested in challenging topics when they’re explored from an uplifting or empowering angle.

We strongly prefer to receive an initial outline than a completed work, as this allows us to steer the piece from the get-go in a direction that will suit its placement in an upcoming issue. However, we will occasionally consider submissions of finished work. To give your pitch or proposal the best chance of being successful, we strongly encourage you to buy the latest issue of Audrey and read it closely. Since our forthcoming issues are themed, we also recommend getting in touch to ask about how your idea might fit in our editorial calendar.
Please understand that, due to the high volume of correspondence we receive, our editorial team is unable to reply or give feedback unless a pitch is of interest. We look forward to hearing from you!
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